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Spoiler Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generation in 2021 "Container Arc" And the Future of Boruto vs Kawaki

Boruto vs Kawaki

Finally, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime will enter the latest arc, the "Container arc".

Although there have been the last few episodes have entered the arc. But it will only officially enter the "Container Arc" in January 2021.

In January it will open with Boruto episode 181. The episode is titled "Utsuwa/Container" adapted from boruto manga chapter 16 which has the same title.

The release of Boruto episode 181 will mark the start of a continuous adaptation of boruto manga chapter 16 to chapter 19. Hopefully, Boruto's studio will adapt the entire manga storyline.

However, the WSJ has recently released an official synopsis regarding the container arc as well as a video promo (PV) from Boruto and team 7 that finally met Kawaki.

Not only about the synopsis, but there was also a response from Mikio Ikemoto about the future of Boruto anime after this container arc.

It could be said that 2021 will be the year for Boruto anime to explore more about the storyline.

Perhaps there is no need to linger, here is a synopsis of boruto anime container arc in 2021 along with Mikio Ikemoto's response.

1. Boruto's "Container Arc" Synopsis: Naruto Next Generation

New opening Boruto
There's a mysterious organization called "Kara" where Victor is. The organization is trying to complete a project called "Container", the purpose of this project is to realize the wishes they have long wanted.

However, knowing that his life is running out, Victor becomes impatient and plans to betray Jigen, the leader of Kara's organization, and intends to steal the container.

Meanwhile, Boruto has received a new mission and is currently working with Katasuke.

Boruto, who used to be an experiment for Katasuke's ninja science, still has reservations about forgiving him. As a result of the ninja science tools given by Katasuke, Boruto was forced to be disqualified during the chunin exam.

Long story short, they received information that a mysterious hot air balloon had crashed near the fire country and intended to investigate.

Konohamaru and Mugino were first tasked with investigating the mysterious blimp,but suddenly they lost contact.

As Boruto and his team try to investigate what has happened, Boruto accidentally meets Kawaki, a boy who has the same mark as Boruto has.

Then what power does the mysterious mark possess in Boruto and Kawaki have?

When Boruto is in the middle of a big fight, there will be many mysteries that will eventually be revealed.

2. Mikio Ikemoto's comments on the future of Boruto vs Kawaki

About Mikio Ikemoto's comments will be summarized as follows.

Mikio Ikemoto appreciated kawaki's debut which has been introduced in the promote video, and Ikemoto also reminded of the scene when Boruto vs Kawaki at the beginning of the anime.

According to Mikio Ikemoto, although he is currently unable to say when the scene will be re-entered in the anime, he admitted that the scene of Konoha's destruction will not be long.

The whole scene of Konoha's destruction will take place during Boruto and Kawaki's adolescence.

Then regarding the mystery of why Boruto and Kawaki ended up being enemies and also how Naruto's future is, Ikimoto asked fans not to miss the storyline that boruto anime will bring in 2021.

Well judging from Ikemoto's comments, we can find out that soon it looks like either boruto manga or anime will soon experience timeskip to the adolescence of Boruto and Kawaki.

However, Mikio Ikemoto did not explain in detail who will play the antagonist here, because in chapter 53 we have seen how Boruto who was unconscious suddenly became evil while Kawaki could be a hero for defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki.

It looks like either in the manga or anime Boruto will present a lot of surprises to fans in 2021.

So that's a little discussion about the leak for the container arc in the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generation as well as comments from Mikio Ikemoto about the future of Boruto anime in 2021.

Surely there will still be many mysteries and surprises that will be presented in boruto anime and manga, so be prepared and watch boruto's next story.

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