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Spoiler for Boruto Manga Chapter 53: Jougan Awakens, Boruto will fight Isshiki for Naruto and Kawaki Portal Team

In a few days, Boruto and Naruto fans are worried, because the Boruto Next Generation manga will be released soon.

Reporting from the official Manga Plus website, Boruto Chapter 53 will be officially released on December 20, 2020 at 10 p.m.

Boruto chapter 53 is highly anticipated by fans, because this chapter is the first chapter after Masashi Kishimoto's return as the manga writer of Boruto. Chpater 53 will show you how to continue the unexpected plot twist in Chapter 52 which was released last month.

In the previously released chapter 52, we were all shown that Naruto almost won against Isshiki and could die in peace, threatened to die in vain because Isshiki managed to find Kawaki and drag him to their dimension.

Isshiki's success in finding Kawaki was unexpectedly due to Naruto's own kindness. Naruto gave Kawaki a prosthetic hand which contained his chakra.

Even so, new hope arises when Boruto realizes that the mysterious eye that is suspected to be Jougan, this makes Boruto's manga even more tense.

Maybe in chapter 53 the battle between Boruto and Isshiki will begin soon, because Naruto and Sasuke are already badly injured at this time.

Although the raw scam spoiler hasn't come out officially yet, a brief preview of the next chapter has been circulating on the internet. What was written on the brief preview also made my mind amazed.

Here are the spoiler details and the release date for the manga Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 53 which is a short preview and how to read it online.

Preview for Boruto Ch53:

“If "Karma" is engraved/marked on your body again it will be the end...!!As the moment of the last move approaches, something happens to Boruto!?”

Now from the brief preview, we can guess that Naruto and Kawaki are being threatened by Isshiki who wants to immediately implant his karma seal on Kawaki's body.

Maybe Naruto will really make sacrifices to be able to save Boruto, Sasuke and Kawaki and bring Isshiki to death with him.

But Boruto won't just let Naruto die. Boruto will open up new powers like Jougan and let Momoshiki take control of his body to defeat Isshiki.

Boruto currently needs to gather his energy to be able to defeat Isshiki who wants to take Kawaki's body to launch his plan to plant a tree of gods.

The leaks from the Boruto manga chapter 53 are only limited to that but will be updated as soon as the raw scans are verified and translated.

Boruto chapter 53 will be officially released on December 20, 2020 according to the official website of the manga website.

The raw scans for the manga chapter of Boruto 53 will be leaking online in around 2-3 days and spoilers will be out around December 17-18 to be precise.

Fans can read the latest manga chapter Boruto: Naruto Next Generations for free on the official Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites.

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