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Spoiler Manga Boruto 53: Isshiki Dead, Borushiki Stabs Rinnegan Sasuke

Spoiler Boruto chapter 53

Boruto Chapter 53 manga spoilers have been leaked on the internet, although this spoiler will only be published tomorrow on December 20, 2020. Isshiki Otsutsuki is still trying to implant his karma seal into Kawaki when Naruto is seriously injured,while Borushiki suddenly regains consciousness and attacks Sasuke.

It is known that Masashi Kishimoto has been taking over the making of Boruto manga since chapter 52 yesterday. In boruto chapter 53, Sasuke's name suddenly went viral on Twitter since December 17, 2020.

In boruto spoiler chapter 53 it is said that Boruto suddenly rose and pierced Sasuke's eye. Is Sasuke going to lose his Rinegan? 

Based on the leak of Boruto chapter 53 manga that has been circulating on the internet, Isshiki Otsutsuki is still trying to make Kawaki's body as his container. If Isshiki can't get Kawaki's body in 5 minutes then Isshiki could die.

With the rest of his powers, Naruto tells Kawaki to escape and stay away from the battle area. Sasuke then takes Kawaki away with a special smoke bomb so that Byakugan Isshiki can't see him. However, Isshiki makes Naruto a hostage to lure Kawaki out.

Kawaki is reminded of naruto's kindness that considers him like his disciple and fills the void of his heart as a human being. Kawaki showed himself to Isshiki.

Seeing Kawaki come before him, Isshiki did not waste the opportunity and immediately began the process of planting karma seals. 

In the process of planting the karma seal, Isshiki once told Kawaki that Kawaki is not a ninja but only his container and after that it appears that Kawaki has again had the Karma Seal in his left hand.

Isshiki once laughed off and was proud to show that he was the winner and told him that he always won.

Behind the laughs coming off Isshiki, suddenly the Karma Seal in Kawaki's hand fades away. It turns out that Kawaki in front of Isshiki is just a Kage Bunshin.

After failing to implant the karma seal into Kawaki's body, Isshiki's power weakens. Seeing that kawaki didn't waste the opportunity, he quickly stepped on Isshiki until the land around him was destroyed.

This way Naruto and Sasuke survive isshiki Otsutsuki's threat. During that moment, Boruto suddenly got up and stabbed Sasuke in the eye. As it turns out, Boruto who was unconscious is now awake and his body is currently controlled by Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

"I didn't expect Isshiki Otsutsuki to be defeated by you. So for me, the only obstacle left is you," Borushiki said at the end of Boruto's manga chapter 53.

It is known that Sasuke's rinnegan was given by Hagoromo Otsutsuki during the fourth ninja war against Kaguya Otsutsuki. His Rinnegan is different from the others because it has 6 tomoes. With the dojutsu, Sasuke was able to move between dimensions of space and time and exchange places with objects around him without going through intermediaries.

Until now it is not known whether Rinegan Sasuke was destroyed or not after being stabbed by Borushiki. Just look forward to Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 53 (The Power of Connection) manga which was officially released on December 20, 2020. 

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