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Can Kurama Be Resurrected? Some Of These Reasons May Happen

Good bye Kurama
Until now, many fans thought that naruto's character was expected to die, and Kurama would be given into the hands of one of the other characters or enemies. This allegation is known through boruto manga chapter 52 where at that time Kurama informed that the jutsu that Naruto would use – Baryon Mode – could threaten the user's life. And Naruto then no longer cares about it, he willingly dies as long as Isshiki can be defeated and the world is safe again.

However, an unexpected surprise appears in the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, it turns out that the fact that the one who will actually die is not a figure from Naruto but kurama. This can be seen in boruto manga chapter 55 yesterday, where it is explained that Baryon Mode is not actually about Naruto's sacrifice, but about Kurama's sacrifice.

Kurama himself died for good in boruto manga chapter 55. This incident has gone viral on various social media, previously about naruto's death that had gone viral and horrendous on many social media. With kurama's death in chapter 55, many fans wonder if Kurama can be resurrected. Because, there are some things that make the fans think so.

First, Kurama itself is "made" of natural chakra. This means that when something happens to them, such as they die or something else happens to them, they will not actually die.

They will become other creatures that will be reunited, and return to the tailed beasts. This theory can be seen from the three-tailed biju, Isobu or Sanbi. In the past, Isobu had to die after Rin knew the plan of the Kirigakure ninja. However, later Isobu can be resurrected and become the property of Yagura, the fourth Mizukage.

Similar to Naruto and Kurama, Yagura manages to establish a pretty good bond with Isobu. In addition, kushina has also said that the death of a Bijuu is only temporary. This theory is known when he planned to take Kurama to die with him, thus giving little time for Minato to deal with the tantrums of Kurama. Furthermore, Tsunade once also said that Bijuu was an immortal being.

From some of the theories above, can Kurama be resurrected? Judging from Kurama's own explanation in boruto manga chapter 55 yesterday, and seeing some differences in cases with Isobu, it looks like Kurama will never be able to bounce back. Kurama himself said that Baryon Mode is a technique that uses all the power of Kurama. This means that Naruto's chakra was never used in the Baryon Mode.

Doesn't Kurama have quite a lot of chakra? That said, Baryon Mode is a kind of self-destruct or self-destruct mode owned by Kurama where when activated the pay is his own life. Perhaps that's the strongest reason why Kurama can't bounce back, because all the chakra inside her has been used up to activate the mode.

Is bijuu similar to man, where the older the power the weaker? It could be like that. Perhaps here Masashi Kishimoto can give a more detailed explanation of this in the next chapter. However, there are other possibilities that will happen. It's not impossible that Kurama can come back to life, although that means Masashi Kishimoto is trying to play emotions with his manga fans.

Masashi Kishimoto certainly has control over this, and in the end there are pros and cons if this happens. Kurama's revival will certainly be welcomed positively by all fans, where Kurama has become one of the important characters in both the Naruto and Boruto series. However, this can also damage the moment and also the emotions that arise when Kurama is shown dead in chapter 55 yesterday. Let's just look forward to what will happen to Kurama next, whether Kurama will be resurrected or whether it can no longer be saved.

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