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10 Korean-style inspirations that look cute, perfect for hijabers!

Hi hijabers, currently Korean fashion trends are very popular with young people. Many say that Korean-style fashion looks sexy, and is not suitable for those who wear a hijab. Eits ... not all Korean-style fashion styles cannot be used by hijab users.

If you want to wear a korean style outfit but still wear a hijab, below are some mix and match references that are suitable for hijab women.

1. Wrap Dress with Bohemian Style

This bohemian style dress is perfect for those of you who wear hijab. You can combine dresses with floral motifs with angkle boots. That way your appearance will be more fashionable. Because your dress already has a motif, for hijab you can choose a plain hijab with a lighter color than the dress you are wearing.

2. Knit Suits

During winter or rainy season, you can wear this outfit. A knit suit with a pencil skirt and a slightly oversized top makes you even cuter. Don't forget to choose soft colors or pastel colors.

3. Long Sleeve T-shirt with Maxi Skirt

When you hang out you can combine a long skirt with a long sleeved shirt. Choose a t-shirt with a cute image according to your taste, ladies.

4. Two Piece

You can also style two pieces like Korean women. Choose an outer dress with a checkered motif so that you look like a Korean girl. Or a black outer dress for easy mix and match.

5. Wide Leg Pants with Long Blazer

To attend formal events, you can wear a long blazer with wide leg pants that have loose cuts. For the selection of a blazer, you can adjust to the climate, Ladies. Choose a long blazer with a material that is lighter and absorbs sweat.

6. Midi Skirts and Leggings or Stockings

When you buy a skirt online but it's short? You can outsmart with this style, Ladies. You can apply thick black leggings or stockings. In addition to hacking short skirts, it will also make you look more beautiful and stand out.

7. Plain Shirts and Patterned Skirts

Not all shirts have to be combined with formal pants, you know! To make your appearance more elegant, you can combine it with a long floral skirt.

8. Dress Spaghetti Strap

Are you new to migrating and wearing a hijab? If so, do you have a long dress with spaghetti straps? You can change your old dress as an outer. This style is really Korean Style! For the inner workings, you can wear a shirt, cuffs or a t-shirt.

9. Pleated Skirt

Do you have a short sleeve t-shirt that you only wear when you're indoors? Just mix it with your favorite pleated skirt and outer like a denim jacket, bomber jacket or cardigan.

10. Oversize Blazer

If usually the blazer is synonymous with formal style. Just choose a blazer that is one level larger. Pair it with a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans for a more casual and swag look.

Well, that's Korean style inspiration for those of you who wear hijab. It's easy, right? Time to unpack the wardrobe, Ladies! Happy mix and match!

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