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5 Things to Expect from the Boruto Series in 2021

Soon we will welcome the turn of 2021, of course in 2021 we hope that there will be many changes for the better, including the anime series Boruto.

There are some things that are expected to happen in the anime and manga Boruto in 2021. What are those?

1. Hopefully Masashi Kishimoto will be able to bring the Boruto manga series even better

In 2020, Masashi Kishimoto has only started working on Boruto manga from chapter 52, but in 2021, Kishimoto will work on Boruto manga throughout 2021.

From there we all hope that Masashi Kishimoto will be able to bring Boruto's manga even better.

It can be in terms of story or even influence in the picture too, whichever is most important, hopefully the changes are good.

2. Hopefully the Kara organization will be explained in more detail

Currently in the manga series, Boruto's fight against the head of the Kara organization, Isshiki, has almost reached its peak.

However, until now we have not been told in detail about the Kara organization, how they were formed, what kind of members are there, and so on.

Hopefully in 2021 the Kara organization will be explained more in the manga or in the anime Boruto.

3. Hopefully Jougan appears in the manga and is described in detail

So far, Boruto's mysterious Jougan eye is only shown in the anime series, but in the manga it is rarely discussed about Boruto's Jougan eye.

The only appearance of Jougan in the manga is during the first episode which shows Konoha's shattered future.

The hope is that in 2021, Jougan's eyes and Toneri's existence will be discussed more in the manga series.

4. May Boruto practice the power of his Karma seal

The Karma seal might be a huge force for Boruto Uzumaki, but in the manga or anime series Boruto hasn't trained much of his Karma seal power.

The point is that we hope that there will be a storyline where Boruto can train to use his karmic seal powers. Similar to the previous Naruto series who trained to be able to control Kurama's power.

5. Momoshiki's motivation was strengthened again

Actually, Momoshiki Otsutsuki's motivation is to want to live again with Boruto's body. But we currently don't know any other motivation from Momoshiki after he managed to get back up.

It could be that he even helps Boruto, or he actually becomes a Juubi victim, we hope Momoshiki can come back for a better story in 2021.

So, those were the 5 hopes for the manga or anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation in 2021, do you have any other hopes? Write in the comments column!

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