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5 Interesting Facts about Anime Attack On Titan Season 4

Although it had delayed its release, but the last season of the anime series Attack On Titan was finally officially released. This anime by Hajime Isayama first aired its first season in 2013. The storyline of this anime is an attempt by Eren Jaeger who tries to eradicate the Titans who have unsettled the people inside the walls. When this anime came out immediately attracted the hearts of anime lovers.

Attack On Titan has entered the season finale, the storyline will be slightly different from previous seasons. Therefore, before watching this anime, let's first check out interesting facts about the anime Attack On Titan Final Season.

1. Studio change

It's no secret that Attack On Titan anime is getting popular thanks to Wit Studio which played a big role in making this anime. But there is something different about this season's finale, Attack On Titan, which will be created by MAPPA studio. The studio also worked on the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, God of Highschool, and Kakegurui.

Although there were pros and cons among the fans in the turn of this studio. But the quality of anime produced by STUDIO MAPPA is no doubt!

2. The setting of the place and time are not the same as the previous series

If in the previous season Eren and his teammates struggled to face the Titans on paradis island, then in the final of this season will be a little different. The beginning of the season finale begins after 4 years have passed from the previous season and the conflict will focus on Eldia in Marley Country.

For the unk reinvented, Marley State is a large country located opposite the island of Paradis and is the birthplace of Reiner, Annie, and Berthold. Compared to paradis island, Marley Country is much more advanced and this country becomes a strong country because it has titan power to win the war.

3. Many new characters appear

At the beginning of the season finale, there will be many new characters that will appear, so we can't see Eren and his other friends. The storyline will begin with a battle between Marley and the Middle East. Here we will see many new characters appearing such as Gabi Braun, Falco Grice, Pieck Finger the Cart Titan, to Porco Galliard the Jaw Titan. These new characters have a big part in the development of this story, so always remember them!

4. Reiner is one of the important characters in this season

In the previous season the storyline focused on Eren, but in this season finale we will be brought more focused on Reiner Braun. The only owner of the Armored Titan's power survived and returned to Marley after infiltrating paradis island.

Reiner Braun was one of the fighters born and lived in Marley. Rainer was born with Eldia blood and had to train hard to inherit the Armored Titan. He also took part in a mission to paradis island with Marcel, Berthold, and Annie. Upon his return from paradis island, Reiner was later appointed vice-captain of the Marley Warrior Unit.

5. Release schedule and episodes

Attack On Titan anime will begin airing on December 7, 2020. And in the season finale is scheduled to get 16 episodes.

Fans were worried about getting a few episodes, considering that there are more than 40 chapters in the manga that have to be adapted in this last season. Even so, the anticipation of the fans has not stopped and even more excited with this anime by Hajime Isayama!

So that's 5 interesting facts about Attack on Titan Final Season. Well, are you one of the fans who is also looking forward to airing the last season of this anime?

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