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Preview Boruto Episode 179: Conflict Between Kara Members?

Even though Deepa was defeated, Kara's secret organization is still around today. At the opening of Boruto, several Kara members have been shown. The appearance of Kara members at the opening of Boruto has been since episode 151, and in episode 176 the faces of the members are shown more clearly.

In the Boruto episode, Kara members have also appeared even though only Jigen, Victor, and Deepa were highlighted. Now in the preview of episode 179 Kara members have started to be shown.

1. Victor still intends to act up again 

Previously, Victor did research and resurrected the god tree without the knowledge of Jigen, the head of the Kara Organization.

Although Victor's tree of gods was still not perfect and nearly hurt himself.

The preview of Boruto episode 179 then shows that Victor doesn't have much time. Then Victor plans to steal Jigen's dream.

Previously, in episode 176 Victor already had bad intentions for Jigen, namely to steal Jigen's container. Let's look forward to Victor's intention whether it works or not.

2. Several members of the Kara organization are shown

Apart from Victor who has appeared in the anime episode of Boruto, the preview of Boruto episode 179 starts to show other Kara actuation members such as Amado, a scientist from the Kara organization who is calm in all situations.

There is also a female member of the Kara organization, namely Delta. Delta was shown at Boruto's opening when he fought the young ninja.

The chairman of the Kara actuation is finally shown without wearing his robe. Jigen's face has been shown clearly without wearing a robe.

It seems that something is happening at Kara's headquarters. In one scene there is a pillar that falls in front of Amado. Is this the doing of Victor? Stay tuned for Boruto episode 179.

3. Team 7 will still appear 

The actions of Victor and Kara members certainly highlighted a lot in the preview of Boruto episode 179. But not only Kara's actuation will appear, but Team 7 consisting of Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki is seen meeting Naruto.

Are they given a new mission, or is there something else they will do? Let's look forward to the continuation. What's clear is that Team 7 will not have anything to do with Victor or the other Kara members. 

So, those are interesting things from the preview of Boruto episode 179. What do you think? Convey in the comments column!

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