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Spoilers of Boruto Chapter 53, Boruto Absorbing Baryon Mode?

Fans of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generation are currently being worried. The reason is that in less than a week, Boruto chapter 53 will be released soon. In Boruto chapter 53, we will find out what the fate of Naruto will be. After in chapter 52 yesterday we were all shown how powerful Naruto's Baryon Mode is. This mode was created after Naruto and Kurama combined their strengths. And finally with this power Naruto managed to match the strength of Isshiki Otsusuki.

With the great power released by Baryon Mode, Naruto lost a lot of chakra. However, with this Baryon Mode, Isshiki was able to make Isshiki injured for the first time and bleed. With this mode Naruto also managed to shorten Isshiki's time.

Previously he had about 72 hours, then reduced to 20 hours and with this Barryon mode Naruto managed to drastically reduce Isshiki's life time quota to only 20 minutes. At that time, Isshiki felt cornered for the first time until he finally managed to find Kawaki and bring him to his dimension.

When Isshiki managed to find Kawaki and bring his dimension everyone was shocked. Boruto who was previously unconscious now gradually starts to get up and his eyes change from before. Then what will happen in Boruto Chapter 53 later?

First, considering that Isshiki's time is not much left, he will immediately carry out Otsutsukification, or the process of giving the Karma seal to Kawaki.

In chapter 52 we saw that Kawaki was so disappointed that he couldn't be in the battle. Amado himself asked whether Kawaki's annoyance was caused by the loss of karmic power, which surprised Kawaki. Kawaki does not have the Karma seal anymore, and considering what happened in his flash forward series, it is at this moment that Kawaki can regain the Karma seal.

Second, Boruto will be influenced by Momoshiki and try to stop Isshiki from taking Kawaki's body. Maybe in this chapter we will see the fight between Isshiki and Momoshiki. Although within the Otsusuki clan it is forbidden to kill others, Momoshiki did not kill Isshiki directly, he would only buy time until Isshiki ran out of time and died by himself.

Third, the most anticipated thing in chapter 53 is the fate of Naruto Uzumaki. Where do we know that the Baryon Mode that Naruto uses consumes a lot of his Chakra, this makes Naruto's life threatened. Maybe we will all see how Naruto struggles in the rest of the time. And maybe there will be many changes in the next Boruto story. It's possible that Kawaki didn't receive the karma seal from Isshiki and chose to save Naruto.

Fourth, Boroshki (a combination of Boruto and Momoshiki) who reappears, maybe he will absorb Naruto's Baryon Mode so Boruto can save his father.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 53 will be released on December 20, 2020, but as usual a few days before there will be spoilers in the form of important pawns that will occur. Just look forward to what happens next between Naruto and Isshiki.

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